Friday, June 29, 2007

unusual design tools I have known

Have you ever seen so many beautiful old trucks? On the way out to Little City last weekend, we passed an amazing junkyard, and stopped on the way home to take some pictures. They came out pretty well, and you can see how incredibly vast this site is - we couldn't even see the end of it from the road. It was fenced off, and we didn't have time to go exploring, so I just took pics from the road. The colors are amazing, and I've been looking at these pictures all week while I'm restocking the bead shelves. The first and last photos are my favorites, but there are interesting bits in all of them. Very cool stuff.


Dennice said...

i LOVE these photos! i adore pix of old, forgotten cars and trucks. a bit of an odd obsession...these are fabulous!

RustChic said...

me too! gimme one of them trucks~