Friday, July 27, 2007

etsy poster submission

Etsy is currently running a contest to choose twenty Treasury submissions to be made into posters for them to hand out as freebies at festivals and craft fairs. For you non-Etsyers out there, the Treasury is one of their cooler features - any registered user can choose 16 of their favorite items and "curate" the listings into a grid arrangement that can be viewed by anyone who visits the site (click on Treasury on the left of the homepage at The collection lasts from 2-3 days and when it expires, it's gone forever. Unless you take a screenshot to preserve it for yourself. I was really happy with the way my submission turned out, so that's what I did, and I'm posting it here just to be able to keep a record of it. My favorite shops are represented here, and I think it came together really well. The artists represented are, from left to right:


leslie said...

I can't find yours in the treasury; what did you title it?

Kateri said...

Oh, sorry. It's called POSTER Without a Cause. It'll be up until late Monday morning, I think - not sure when it expires.