Wednesday, August 8, 2007

etsy urban hip, week 11: think cool thoughts

It continues to be unbearably hot in Chicago, like living in a damp inferno. And the first person who points out the physical impossibility of such an environment will be summarily dismissed from my presence, thank you very much. I stand by my oxymoron. So without further ado, cool and soothing accessories:

No. 55e Ethereal by talula, $16.00

Lillian by boringsidney, $95.00

The Lily Lariat by fringe, $45.00

Finland meets the bayou Marimekko Ananas Fabric bag in lime green by rustchic, $54.00

Ice Necklace by leavesofglass, $34.00

1 comment:

KBARRETT said...

oh sweety, NYC is also a damp inferno. I feel your pain - and the damp and the heat and the itchiness and general grumpiness and irritation...