Wednesday, August 22, 2007

etsy urban hip, week 12: plum line

I know, Dad, it's misspelled. It's a pun, y'all. I've had good luck with purple lately - in fact, my featured item here is sold out, and I include it because it's my only purple, and I'll be replacing it soon, I hope - so I'm featuring all purple by my clever girlfriends. It's a lovely color for fall. And fall, God willing, is on the way - it was freezing all last weekend, but now the air is actually visible again. Ugh. October cannot come fast enough. Plum it up.

FannyMae by BoringSidney, $75.00

Twilight Capelet by fringe, $56.00

Destash or De vorce fab vintage polished cotton purple and gold stylized roses close to 4 yards by rustchic, $12.oo

No. 008b FUSCHIAPHOBIA by Talula, $28.00

Grape Jellyfish by leavesofglass, $18.00


leslie said...

Very, very pretty! Oh, and there was something else I wanted to say ... what was it, now ... hmmm ... oh yeah! Happy birthday!

faithfulness said... in love with that fabric I really wish I could think of something to do with it...