Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i love my job

I never think about this while I'm actually making jewelry, but once it's going up in the shop, it's a constant struggle to keep the listings balanced with colors, styles and types of jewelry. I always have too many earrings, and I'm often under-pinked and over-blued and weirdly-greened. I'm hardly ever happy with it, but just now when I posted my most recent listing I realized it was absolutely perfect. So I took a screenshot, because I'll have to post something else later on, or something might sell, and it just won't last; but for now, here it is, immortalized, the first 12 items in my shop, representing the best possible lineup I could hope for. Aahhhhhhhhhhh.


Dad said...

and you're so GOOD at it! :=)

Tim and/or Abby said...

yes, you are definitely getting good!

sweeterthanme said...

oh, I sooooo know what you mean! I always have way too many earrings, hardly any bracelets... and stuff I'm sick of looking at. Then I make new stuff I love and it takes me forever to get around to taking pictures.