Monday, December 24, 2007

you'll shoot your eye out, kid

I love, love, love when TBS runs the 24 hours of A Christmas Story. For that one, magical 24 hours, there's always something good on. Think of it: a 0% chance that you won't want to watch what's on. It's unprecedented.
On the less fun side of things, I am stranded at home in my apartment with a stomach bug/achey/fevery/shaky thing when I'm supposed to be in Virginia visiting my grandparents and sisters. It's making for a fairly pathetic holiday, I'm sorry to say. I did go out today to get some groceries for tomorrow so I could at least pretend to make Christmas, but as I was rewarded by almost passing out when I got home, I don't think I'll try again for a couple of days.
It's the pity post! Feel bad for me, for I am ill and sad!


DaveShack said...

ill and sad, i DO feel bad.

Merry Christmas from Olympia!

kbarrett said...

Horrible Horrible!

Thought of you many times yesterday, especially as we had a white christmas... Here's to seeing each other some time in 2008. Seems like 10+ years is long enough, right??