Thursday, January 22, 2009

reno trip

There, Dad. I'm hardly late at all. xo.
These are mostly not great, due to my having to hide the camera from G-Baby if I wanted to get any pictures. He spent the better part of the weekend trying to get it from me while I was trying to shoot extra-cute video of him. I have at least three vid clips that end with him saying, "See me? See me?" and taking the camera away from me so that the film runs out on a blank bit of carpet with my voice saying, "But if you hold it, we can't see you." It's the stuff of film legend, I tell you.

When he's not trying to steal electronics, the boy is mad for puzzles. He's a whiz with a giant puzzle of dinosaurs that my parents gave him; I wish I'd been able to get good film of him putting it together. His other favorite of the moment is a big marble track that got disassembled and reassembled about 10 times over the weekend, and I did get some nice shots of that.

I seem not to have gotten a single good picture of Abby, to my chagrin. There are very few of Tim, all taken on one afternoon. Mostly just Grant. And one inexplicable shot of my breakfast, which I guess I took to show him what to do with the camera. And a scan of a watercolor painting G made for me; he also did a really great picture of a pear that I couldn't scan because the yellow is too pale. I'll see if I can take a picture of that this weekend. I'm under no illusion that it was intentional, but it's hilariously pear-like - a graceful yellow blob with a straight green stem coming out the top, and a quick flattening of the brush into a suggestion of leaf. Very funny.

"Give me the camera."

"Again, I must insist that you give me the camera."

A lovely closeup of G-baby's fingers, taken by himself.

He did manage to take two surprisingly focused self-portraits while pushing the button indiscriminately.

(This one with strawberry waffle-face.)


geoprizm said...

what a character with the marbles...

mortondreamer said...

You mean Tim or Grant? Great pix, Kateri.

Leaves of Glass said...

i think she probably means the one who's hamming it up. :)

K-Dad said...

Wonderful. Entertaining. Feeds my appetite! I love the banana -- VERY artistic! did you do that image that Abby posted on Mavora and attributed to you?

Thanks for the post!

mortondreamer said...

That first "Give me the camera" is a sort of "and nobody gets hurt" look.

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Another artist in this very talented family! I love his watercolor!!!