Wednesday, March 4, 2009

are you a goop?

L went to the Newberry Library last week for a conference, and brought me back this wonderful postcard of the cover illustration of Gelett Burgess' marvelously nostalgic book Why be a Goop? I don't think you can get the original anymore, but I've provided a link to a combined version, available at When I was a kid we had two Goop books, a yellow one that was the bad-mannered Goops (very dog-eared and beloved) and a blue one that was the well-mannered Goops (pristine and clean to this very day).


K-Dad said...

That's their frozen-in-time condition in YOUR mind, anyway!

Leaves of Glass said...

I betcha anything you like that's their actual condition - do you even know where they are?

K-Dad said...

Nope...but maybe they'll show up in the next several months during the grand "downsizing project."