Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i'm bringing shiny back

After a week of rest, followed by several weeks of designing, making and (arduously, with great angst) photographing my new summer collection, I am very proud to introduce Dark Gardens. My new collection was inspired by poisonous and medicinal plants, with a touch of childrens' fantasy and fairytale lore thrown in for good measure. These designs feature some really lovely, very old glass beads in a cobalt-lime-violet colorway. The beads are mostly dark, so I've balanced them with quite a bit of sparkle and bright metals to try to convey a modern line that echoes Art Deco design and the formalizing of nature.

I've also restyled my photographs, so my shop looks quite a bit different than it did a month ago when I went on vacation.
It always takes me a while to settle into a new approach, but overall I'm really pleased and proud of the way this collection works together. Please stop by Leaves of Glass and have a look, and thanks for all the good wishes and excitement that kept me going while I was putting Dark Gardens together!


Leslie said...

Sooooo pretty! Love the new look of the photos. And those simple little "Flora Posts" are sweetly stunning!

fringe said...


eNVe said...

your new line and photos are just amazing! great work!