Friday, June 19, 2009

just one

I don't often make one of a kind designs, but on recent forays into the bead boxes I've discovered a few pairs of beads that are too fun to ignore. So far I've made three pairs of earrings that are one of a kind items. These are all vintage Lucite, so they'll be listed in urban legend.

grass earrings: the long green drops are the "just one" element in these earrings.

pie hole earrings: made as a loving and sorrowful tribute to a wonderful (now cancelled) show, Pushing Daisies. This is the last pair I have of these creamy hot pink pendants.

cabana earrings: absolutely fantastic sunshiny yellow striped ovals. If I ever see these beads again, this design will return.

1 comment:

Red Chair said...

Kateri, these are luscious! Perfect for your tagline of not eating the jewelry. They look like plump pieces of fruit. I hope these beads surface again because these designs are gorgeous!