Tuesday, August 4, 2009

summertime. the livin' is smoothie.

I'm living on fruit and yogurt smoothies at the moment, and they look so pretty I thought maybe I'd share. They're extra easy. I bought a bunch of fresh fruit and froze it, so it's easy to just toss in the blender whenever I want. My favorite of the moment is cherry, but I've also used blueberries and bananas. I use Wallaby fat free vanilla bean yogurt from Whole Foods, and whatever bottled orange juice is on sale. Toss equal parts yogurt, oj and fruit in the blender (if you're using fresh fruit instead of frozen, use a little less oj), and blend on high until the fruit is chopped and the smoothie is frothy. For something less fruity, try oj and baby beets (available pre-cooked and packaged in the refrigerated section from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods). Enjoy!


moosegirlmaria said...


Katie said...

sounds wonderful! and what beautiful photos.
the other day you mentioned lemon frozen yogurt on twitter. sounded good, so i went to the grocery, but couldn't find any. last night, i made some. talk about good! thanks k~

Fringe said...

heaven in a glass. anything with cherries has got to be good. delish! and the color is so pretty.

The Silver Dog said...

This looks delicious! I usually grab a bag of the frozen tropical fruit mix at the grocery store toss it in the blender at night and put in the fridge. When I get up all I have to do is blend for a quick breakfast! If I have more time in the mornings I will also add in some fresh fruit