Saturday, September 12, 2009

introducing a design change at urban legend

pop rocks necklace

In order to offer some lower price points, I've started using gunmetal components in several of my designs at urban legend. I'm really excited about this, as it allows me to offer lots of new durable, high-quality bracelet and necklace designs at about half the price I've had to charge in the past. For my customers with sensitive ears - don't worry! All of my earrings hooks are still sterling silver. I know several of you rely on me to provide high-quality irritation-free hooks, and that won't change. But you'll start to see several necklaces and bracelets made with gunmetal wire and chain in my shop. If you prefer sterling silver in any design, please contact me - most designs can be reproduced in sterling for an additional price. This change only affects my jewelry in the urban legend shop; my designs at Leaves of Glass will continue to be made and listed with sterling silver. Here's a sampling of what's already available in the new gunmetal line at urban legend; look for lots of new pieces to start listing in the next two weeks. I encourage your input on this change; please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or concerns!

baggage necklace

orchid thief necklace

nomad bracelet


. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

These are all stunning, Kateri (of course) - and I'm loving urban legend with gun metal! Hmmm, justification for increasing the frequency of my orders .....

Rachael said...

Great idea! I started using gunmetal in some of my jewelry and actually, I'm really sensitive to most metals and it doesn't bother my ears at all!

paperhill said...

i love that first necklace, really great! even though you are already wildly successful, this will be a great addition to the shop!