Tuesday, February 23, 2010

admiral of the uss dallas

In recognition of some quite sensitive work he's been doing on behalf of Certain Persons, Pellet was recently given his own model of the USS Dallas for personal and office use. He's very proud, and is very grateful to the engineer who constructed this floating marvel (using some empty plastic bottles and the fan from an old computer - it's important to think green in the Pellet Navy). Mike is pictured below, twirling Pellet's whiskers for maximum officialness, and delivering a salute. Thanks, Mike!


shanalee said...

dude. impressive.

pellet is a force to be reckoned with.

Gastripod said...

Way to go Dallas!



Brenda said...

I heart Pellet.

Clementine said...


I'm a little concerned about the sea-worthiness of this vessel, considering that there's a ... groundhog? hamster? gerbil? ... plugging up what should be the periscope. Other than that, all seems to be ship-shape! Especially the hat. And the black paint job, very stealth.

Fringe said...

can i just say that i'm very proud of Pellet? he's gone from rum-soaked Pirate to Green Navy Submarine Commander in no time flat.

and on top of that he has his own personal whisker twirler.

you're my hero, Pellet!


Gardanne said...

I have really enjoyed Pellet's adventures. I wish the office at my daughters school was this much fun.

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

so glad to see Pellet has recovered and is getting lots of use from his captain's hat! he's such a debonair little fellow, i'd travel with him anyday - can't wait for his next adventure.

BlackStar said...

Pellet looks smashing! And I'm so glad that he recovered from his illness.
Love the sub.