Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hot tubbing

Relaxing in the inbox with Yes and No.

UPDATEwhichishouldhaveincluded: Yes/No bunnies made by the brilliant and so-funny Jessica at Spidercamp. For all your obscene and snarky bunny needs. (Mom & Dad, cover your eyes. I mean it, no peeking.)


Fringe said...

happiness is...this photo.

i wonder if Pellet would like a temporary visitor from southern california.

perhaps Yes or No could answer that question.


BlackStar said...

Althea would love to meet Pellet!

mortondreamer said...

Bet you succeeded in making AKM laugh.

bethany said...

I think I also need Yes and No in my office.

K-Dad said...

Bet you're right! :=)