Thursday, January 6, 2011

hunting for truffles.

I mentioned that I raided the family photo collection while I was visiting my grandparents in Richmond. I only got through about 10% of it, and even that took me most of a day. The box I dug through was loose pictures from no particular era, and I found treasures ranging from an exquisite daguerreotype in a little blue velvet case("Darling Mother, 1856" - Grandma had no idea who it was, or even which side of the family it came from) to a Christmas card from 1991 featuring an elderly family friend sitting on Santa's lap and smiling the happiest, most ridiculous smile ever. It was a pretty good day.

There was one treasure that stood out from the rest. About two thirds of the way through the box, I found this beauty and pulled it out and waved it around and said "See? See? THIS is why I snoop!" Grandma let me keep this one, and I'm in love with it.

This is my grandparents in 1939, the year before they were married. I found a lot of good stuff, but this was the prize, and well worth spending a day in the dust. More pictures still to come - stay tuned for scandalous Great Aunt Virginia!


b said...

love it!

K-Dad said...

I'm sending you a ton of scans; can you send ME this one?!

Abby said...