Monday, March 14, 2011

postcards from the playground, week 4.

This week's results are something of a hodgepodge, mainly inspired by two straight weekends of watching Carnivale, combined with just using whatever grabbed my eye. I had a small inspiration with the long curved hooks, turning a much larger loop than usual and hammering it to make the loop a design element. I was pleased with that, and I also really like the quite weird and beautifully colored blue chain earrings. For the most part I don't keep things I make, but this is the last pair of these beautiful green beads and these earrings are staying with me:

The other three pairs will be listed in le shoppe tomorrow.

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KBARRETT said...

Those hooks look like Elvish ears and I love them! Especially the second ones down with the clear squareish beads. beautiful. I'm gonna buy some stuff when I get to Chicago and I can look over everything :) Looking forward to seeing you!