Friday, January 2, 2009

never was a story of more woe

...than that of Red Squirrel and his pillow. I'm lucky to have really funny and wonderful friends and family, and I got fantastic Christmas presents. Here, for your coveting pleasure, is a sampling.

Leslie got me the most excellent pillow I've ever seen. It's a page from an old fabric children's book, sewn onto a wool panel. And it's the sad-sackiest page imaginable. Poor Red Squirrel is lame and cannot gather any nuts. Everybody gets there before him - the grey squirrels, the brown squirrels, even the small boys (who, alas, are not pictured).

Shana made me a stocking, and filled it with Etsy delights of every kind. My dad got me a great book about the Red Sox (yay!) and the Yankees (boo!), and my mom sent beautiful slate coasters. Matt sent me a signed first edition by one of my favorite writers. My clever siblings made me cards and sugar scrub. How lucky am I? Thanks, sweet people.


Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Eye spy a Skunkboy ornament! What a wonderful pillow!!! Now I must check into this book (being your favorite, which is high praise!). What a lovely lovely ring, must be made by Shana herself? I'm glad you were so well loved, and here's to a wonderful 2009! xo

skunkboycreatures said...

Look! It's a little penguin! I think I know him.