Friday, January 9, 2009

roving reporters of the weird

More phone pics.

This is my favorite stencil art ever. On West Wilson.

Yes, friends, that is a DumDum lollipop plugging the neck of an abandoned half-empty liquor bottle. At least, I hope it's liquor. In front of a Red Eye paperbox, no less. That's poetry.

Kill your tv.

On the menu at Renaldi's Pizza.

This gem is courtesy of Leslie. I found a similar one the Sunday of the Renegade Holiday show that said "I think I'm safe now," but didn't upload it before my cell phone broke. This one's much
better, anyway.

From a tab after a summer breakfast with Leslie.
That is one sweet upcharge.


fringe said...

i ~really~ want mary poppins on my door frame.

and what's a "sweet upcharge"?

love all of these pics! random and wonderful :)

DaveShack said...

I'm curious about the "Pineapple Grey" on the tab at Uncommon Grounds. Sounds like some fruit that's past its prime. Or was it pineapple open-faced sandwich with Grey Poupon?

fringe said...

i was afraid to ask about 2 things on that receipt, i'm glad DaveShack asked about the pineapple grey. my guess for that one is pineapple juice with grey goose. at least, that's what i ~hope~ it is :)

Leaves of Glass said...

I'd forgotten about the pineapple, but now I really want one. It's a cocktail called a Pineapple Greyhound, made with grilled pineapple-infused vodka, grapefruit juice, something else I can't remember, and a salt rim. Crisp and delicious. The proceeds went to PAWS Chicago, hence the Greyhound.

Leaves of Glass said...

I don't remember what the sweet upcharge was - maybe an extra order of sweet potato fries? Hmm. I think I need brunch at Uncommon Ground now.

intelligence said...
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