Wednesday, April 22, 2009

handmade hurts so good: black & blue

I'm feeling a little tender at the moment, so my color combo of the week is black and blue. Edgy and soothing all at once, how satisfying! Shops featured are listed below, from left to right.

1. VerreEncore
2. eggagogo
3. margauxlange
4. prettypennydesigns
5. twilightandfiligree
6. johnwgolden
7. CircaCeramics
8. brindakaydesign
9. malam


guilty noodles said...

oh! i love john golden. i've purchased his work to decorate the boys' rooms. i'm also loving #9 malam. you're almost like poppytalk for me. i love it when bloggers list their faves. it saves me so much time on etsy. thanks!

michele said...

Hope that you're felling better soon. Sometimes crafts do hurt - like when I poke my finger with a needle or loose my favourite ribbon that would perfectly finish the quilt. Also wanted to say that I just found your blog today. It's really cool and I look forward to reading more about your crafty pursuits!