Sunday, June 13, 2010

the haul

My friends, I bought beads. Lots and lots and lots of beads. My Friday was spent wandering the aisles at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee. Shana came up and met me in the late afternoon, witnessing my lunacy and carrying my stash when it got so heavy that I became delirious. My truffle hunt at long last exhausted, we went to Comet Cafe and had drinks and dinner. I spread the haul out on the table and sat brooding over it, drumming my fingertips together a la Mr. Burns (Shana's Amazing Technicolor Dream picture above for proof). I've spent several hours today making new vintage Lucite pieces for urban legend, and hope to make a few more tomorrow. The picture above is your pre-sneak-peek - there will be more photographs tomorrow afternoon to whet your appetite for Tuesday's shop update. Sleep sweetly, and dream of candy-colored beads.


Catherine Ivins said...

I am so jealous! Am glad these beads found their way into your talented hands though!

Clementine said...

NICE. The Beadin Path folks tweeted a photo of their booth and I instantly pictured you laughing maniacally as you scooped whole armfulls into a giant carpetbag. :)

Leaves of Glass said...

That is EXACTLY what happened. They had all kinds of stuff that's not online, and when Shana got there, that's where she found me, foaming at the mouth.