Monday, June 14, 2010

sneak peek june 14, 2010

I promised Pellet he could go to Milwaukee with me, but in my hurry to reach the beads I forgot him. As a consolation prize, I let him dive in and play around when I got home. Here are some pictures of him enjoying himself in the bucket o' beads.

Tuesday's shop update will be mostly for urban legend. I brought home some amazing vintage Lucite. A number of the pieces I bought are vintage Lucite pendants that are not available online from my suppliers yet, so most of the earrings I'm listing tomorrow are one of a kind (for now, anyway) - get them while you can, these are some really special beads!


Donovan Beeson said...

Oooo. Look at the owl beads!

least_terrible said...

Hee hee! *snort* Haw!

BlackStar said...

Yay, Pellet! I know the feeling dude. Sometimes I feel like diving into a bowl of candy colored beads.